Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi everybody,

This is the first time on a personal blog. Every man has his ego, defined by a set of likes and dislikes. A personal space is cool because it lets him do exactly what he wants. Of the many activities a man does, he performs for the most, the process of thinking or reflection. (in addition to breathing, beating of the heart, circulation of blood and everything your doctor believes - but you don't do it really, it just goes on. If you believe that it's you who is doing all this too, then its time to meet a doctor.). Maybe that's the reason blogs are created! It's so different and quiet from social networking and what's more, most blogs have a readership of one- the writer.

I could write almost anything here. In case you stumble upon my blog and find something, don't worry if its rather odd or confusing. It may not even relate to you - and - I usually write when I am too confused to do anything else.

Cheers :)